Monday, April 2, 2012

Energy and Printables

Ever since this, I've had so much energy and felt better.  I had a super busy and productive week last week. 

- I gave the outside of my (our) house a little pop of color.
It looks like Spring at our house now!!!

-I've also been busy on the inside.  Our house hasn't been repainted in years, (and with 6 kids, believe me it needs it).  Last time I went with tan colors this time I've chosen grey tones.  This past week, I organized, painted, and redecorated 2 out of 5 bedrooms.  They look so good. . . Can't wait to finish the rest of the house. 

Here's a sneak peek of #1 and #4's room. It's decorating with a skateboard theme (more pics of finished rooms coming soon).

I've made a bunch of posters, pictures, etc.  I'm going to share some of them here with the hopes somebody else can use them. . .  Just save them onto your computer and print.
 These are 16" x 20".  I made them to fit into a poster frame. You can size them down if you need to.
 The temple prints are 4x6 or smaller.  They are of the Payson, UT temple (which will be our assigned temple once it is built).
 if this isn't your castle, then you aren't my prince
 grunge look


Crystal said...

I love the temple pics you have. Thank you for sharing. Would they work being printed larger or would they be grainy? I am thinking about 8x10

Finnegan Family said...

Your temple pictures of the Payson Temple are very nice. I would never think to use the word "GRUNGE" in association with the Temple. Is that a comment on the attitude of some about Payson?