Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby

 Today my baby girl turns 6.  I know I always say this (but it's true!)- It seems like just yesterday that she was a 7 lb. 2 oz. chunky-cheeked newborn.  
I think that was the first and only time she was ever chunky. 
 She's been a tiny thing ever since.
 Oh my goodness.  I can't stand it!  Too much cuteness. . . . 

 This is one of my favorite photos of her.  This was the age where she was really into taking off an putting on her shoes.
 Here she is at 2 years old.  She loved to bake then 
and still does (everyday!!!!!)
 A couple years ago she started to sprout freckles.  I can't get enough of them! 
 She is growing up way too fast.
Happy 6th Birthday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Girls Just Wanna. . . . CRAFT!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Word of Wisdom Family Night

Every so often we try to have a Family Night lesson dedicated to the Word of Wisdom.
Sometimes we discuss things that are good for our body such as exercise, and healthy eating.  Other times, we discuss things that are not good for us such as drugs, alcohol, etc.  We try to use this lesson as a way to inform our children of new things that have come about that we feel they should be aware of.  For example energy drinks (did you know some contain alcohol?), or the popular playground smiley face tongue sticker that contains acid.

 Last night we discussed both the bad and the good. First, we discussed the somewhat-new teen trend called the E-cigarette, an electronic smokeless, tobacco-less way to smoke.  We warned our children that this is still smoking and it is a vice Satan is using to try to trick people into hurting their bodies (Did you know that just a teaspoon of liquid nicotine found in a e-cigarette can be lethal?)

 After our discussion, we reminded our children of the importance of exercising our bodies by going on a hike.    PHEW!- 
Just above our house is an awesome trail.
The leaves were beginning to change,
and the views are ridiculous

  Luckily we made it up and back down just as the sun was setting. 
 (It wasn't really this dark yet.  It just looks that way because I had to use the flash.)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Yesterday was a Regional Conference for all LDS members of Utah and Wasatch Counties.  It was a fantastic meeting.  I wish the Church would post the talks for these regional conferences.  They are so fantastic and are worth reading, re-reading, and listening to again.

Today I want to talk about Elder Scott's talk.  His talk was on communicating with our Father in Heaven.  Here are some of the points from his talk from my notes.
  • Prayer is a sacred privilege.
  • Remember God is your Father and you are His child.  He doesn't care if your feelings are clumsily expressed. - JUST TALK TO HIM!
  • Quietly speaking your prayer, communicates better than silently thinking it in your head.
  • Prayers are answered in 3 ways:  1.) With feelings of peace, comfort, assurance, confidence =yes answer  2.) With a sense of unsettled feelings, a stupor of thought =no answer   3.)You feel no response.
  • Sometimes are prayers aren't answered right away because Heavenly Father would have us grow and exercise faith in Him.
  • No answer is evidence of His trust in us.  He knows what's best for us and what experiences we need.
  • God usually gives us small promptings "line upon line" to make us work instead of giving us the whole answer right away.  This causes you to grow, and so does your character and faith.
  • Pray when you have no desire to pray.  That is when you need to pray the most.
  • Never feel you are too unworthy to pray.  We have mediator who will help us work that out.
  • Thank Him for all things.  "And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, . . ."
I've been working the last couple of months on really communicating with Heavenly Father.  Not just praying, but asking questions and listening for His answers, then asking more questions and listening again.
I'm learning that true prayer, real prayer is a beautiful, wonderful thing!


Over the weekend, #1 also bought himself a new car!  It's a '01 Honda Accord.  He's pretty stoked.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Witness

The Witness
by President Boyd K. Packer

This talk was all about President Packer's Witness (or testimony) of the gospel, and how we can gain our own Witness.

What things in life are most important to you?  Years ago my husband attended a conference where each individual was given a set of cards.  On the cards were priorities such as career, family, money, health, hobbies, God, etc.  During this activity you would choose the top 10 things that were most important to you, then the top 5, then the top 3, ended with THE most important.  The activity really opened your eyes to what was most significant in your life.  What things you valued and focused on.

President Packer's talk is similar to this activity.  He shares with us his "top 4" and encourages us to find out our own.

President Packer's "TOP 4"

"One eternal truth I have come to know is that God lives.  He is our Father.  We are His children. . . Of all the other titles He could have used, He chose to be called 'Father'."

"Parenthood is a sacred responsibility. . ."

"The Holy Ghost is real.  He is the third member of the Godhead.  His mission is to testify of truth and righteousness.  He manifests Himself in many ways, including feelings of peace and reassurance.  He can also bring comfort, guidance, and correction when needed.  The companionship of the Holy Ghost is maintained throughout our lives by righteous living."

"A supernal truth that I have gained in my life is my witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. . .In the Church we know who He is: Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  He is the Only Begotten of the Father.  He is He who was slain and He who liveth again.  He is our Advocate with the Father. . . . He is the anchor that holds us and protects us and our families through the storms of life."

Gaining Our Own Witness:

"Like most things of great worth, knowledge which is of eternal value comes only through personal prayer and pondering.  These, joined with fasting and scripture study, will invite impressions and revelations and the whisperings of the Holy Spirit.  This provides us with instruction from on high as we learn precept upon precept."

"Each of us most come to our own personal testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We then share that testimony with our family and others."

Once we have gained our own witness, it is up to us to choose what we do with it.

Will we choose to follow the Savior and live His teachings?

Will we choose to share our knowledge with others?

Will we choose to let it protect us from the adversary?

"In all of this, let us remember that there is an adversary who personally seeks to disrupt the work of the Lord.  We must choose whom to follow.  Our protection is as simple as deciding individually to follow the Savior, making certain that we faithfully will remain on His side."

"To be faithfully devoted to Jesus Christ, we accept Him as our Redeemer and do all within our power to live His teachings."

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Friday, September 12, 2014

The BIG Reward!

Monday we celebrated finishing the book of First Nephi together as a family (I told you we were going slow!) by going out for ice cream- a family favorite.
 This boy, my 3rd son, and 4th child went for the Kong Cone- a giant (probably close to a foot tall from cone to top) ice cream cone.  We placed bets on if he would finish it or not, most of us guessing he wouldn't.  What do you think?

 Here he is more than half way. . . .

Now he's practically down to the cone, but he's looking a little full.

If you guessed 




finish it

all. . . .



He ate the whole thing, cone and all!

I was totally impressed.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done!

Last weekend we back our bags and headed back up to Heber Valley Camp to spend the weekend with our favorite missionaries.  
 Last weekend I also did the scariest thing I've EVER -in my entire life. . . .
 After suiting up in tight, fat-hugging harnesses and super cute helmets
 We had to climb
 and climb
 and climb
all the way up a 30 foot pole.
 Once we reached the top, (30 scary extremely high feet off the ground later) we had to somehow get our shaking, trembling body up and over to the horizontal log.
The next challenge was to walk across the log, while keeping your balance, (and trying not to throw-up because you are  totally afraid of heights) over to the nest.
 Where a missionary is waiting to hook you up to the zip-line and push you off to your doom.
This was actually the best part of the whole experience (once you came to from having fainted after being pushed off the ledge that is).
 Some weren't affected at all by the height
and had a fun time showing off!
Others (not naming names - Aunt K, and Cousin P), including my baby girl, who once they got to the top and looked down, freaked out!
In this case, Grandpa who was belaying below, just picked her up and slid her over to the nest 
 where the kind and patient sister missionary did her thing, pushed her off the edge,
And all was well.
I'll admit I'm afraid of heights.  I wouldn't say I have a phobia, but let's just say I certainly don't enjoy standing out looking over a 100 foot cliff or a 10 foot cliff either.
My plan of attack for this challenge was to smile, and pretend like it didn't bother me.  "Who me, afraid of heights?  You must have the wrong person. I love them"
It worked.  I did it and it was a proud moment.
Go me!