Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early Morning Storytime

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pantyhose and Great-Aunt Rose

 Last night for FHE we read and discussed the story President Uchtdorf told during the General Women's session of Conference. You can read it HERE.
Then we played the funnest game yet.
Clint was in charge, and he chose to play Pantyhose Tug-of-War based off this video HERE.
 It was hilarious!!! 
Just Watch THIS!
Afterwards, we robbed a bank.  Just kidding!
If you decide to play this game, do yourself a favor and buy nice, thick pantyhose, not the cheap ones like we did.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Loose Tooth

#6 lost another tooth - just in time for picture day at school.
You would think loosing a tooth would be a simple thing.  You stick it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy, go to sleep, and wake up to find money in place of your tooth.  RIGHT?  
Not at our house. . .. 
We like to add pizzazz to everything we do.  Remember THIS?
(When I say we, I mean #5 and #6- but mostly #5.)
This time there was a note left for the Tooth Fairy that asked her to please leave some of her sparkle and to write back.  When I explained that the Tooth Fairy probably doesn't have time because she's so busy trying to get to everyone's teeth, I was told that the tooth fairy always writes back and leaves some sparkle or dips her wings in a designated glass of water, which then colors the water the same color as her wings for the little neighbor friend across the street.


That "Tooth Fairy" must have way too much time on her hands and is really making the other tooth fairies look bad. Seriously!

Sometimes I feel like writing my own tooth fairy note:

Dear Tooth Fairy of the little friend across the street,
Please stop.  Just take the tooth, leave the money, and ignore the notes, so that the tooth fairy that visits our house, who doesn't have time for wing dipping, and sparkle dropping, can feel good about only leaving dollar underneath the kid's pillow.

Thank you,
a very busy, tired, uncreative mother of 6

Friday, October 2, 2015

Watch, Listen, and Learn

We are so excited to watch General Conference this weekend.
 This morning I put together our Conference Bags!
(You can read more about those HERE.)
We are eager to hear what our latter-day prophets and apostles have to tell us, and also to see who will be called to fill the vacancies of the much loved Elders Scott, Packer, and Perry.
The first session, held last Saturday, was wonderful.  The take-away for me was to remember my divinity and destiny as I serve others.  I also loved President Ucthdorf's talk about choosing a life of happiness and joy.  What a great reminder that I can choose to be miserable and sad or I can choose to be happy!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


At the end of the school year, last year (as in May 29,  2015) I had the brilliant idea to challeng my family to read the whole entire Book of Mormon before school began in August.  If they finished it, I would take them to the amusement park.  
I don't know what I was thinking!  I know now that 6 weeks is not a lot of time.  We would have to read 4 chapters a day in order to finish on time. I knew my two youngest would need help so, each night before bed I would read to them for what seemed like hours, also during the day, while eating lunch, we would listen to the audio version.  Needless to say, we missed a few days, and we didn't finish it.  In fact, we only made it a little over halfway through Alma!   

We are continuing to read a little each day, and hope to finish it before school gets out next year.

A few weeks ago, I was challenged to read the entire Book of Mormon before the end of the year.  I accepted the challenge, and now I'm challenging YOU!  
There are 531 pages and 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon.
If you begin today, you have 92 days. So, if you want to read by pages, you need to read 6 pages per day. 
If you want to read by chapters it equals out to be about 2.5 chapters a day.

So what do you say?  Want to read with me?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Homecoming Dance!

 Last Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance!  
 #2 didn't have very long to find a dress.  We left one evening around 5:30 and five stores and three hours later, she had found it! (Since you can't see me, let me tell you- I'm doing a Happy Dance!)
 She looks super pretty and cute!  I love that her dress is something she can wear again (like to church on Sunday).
#6 put herself on look-out duty.  She asked #2 what color car he drove and what color hair he had.  Then she waited and watched for him to arrive.  
When she spied his car driving down the hill street she hollered, "He's coming down the street!" 
 When he turned onto our actual street, she checked to make sure the driver had blondish hair then announce, "Yep, it's really him!"  
She watched him get out of the car walk up the front walk, then turn around to return to his car.
"He's turning around."
  "He's going back to his car!"
 "He forgot your flower thing!"
"Okay, he's coming back."
"He's ringing the doorbell."
Then as she's opening the door, "He's HERE!!!!!"

Haha! You'd think having little siblings would be "Like SO Totally Embarrassing", but #2 just laughs and thinks it's funny. She's such an amazing big sister.

p.s.- I think #2's date looks similar to Lucas Grabeel, aka Ryan from High School Musical.
And we know how much #2 is smitten with anything HSM!

Monday, September 28, 2015

New Car!!!

It was a really good day last Friday! 
After driving a rental car, fighting with the insurance company, and having to share a car with #2 & #3, #1 was finally able to buy himself a new car! 
Okay, it's not "new -new", but it's new to him.  It is a newer model than his previous car, and it cost him less money!  SCORE!

He spend most of  Friday night detailing it from head to toe, and making it his own.
We're so happy for him!  He works hard, and totally deserves it.

Friday night was also our high school's homecoming game.  We played my dad's al mater, the Wasps, and lost! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tiny Dancer

We've gone from piano, to soccer,  back to piano,  and now we're on to dance.  By the time we're done,  she'll be well rounded.
(Disclosure: When I say we, I really mean #5. I'm more like the chauffeur/sponser. I front all the money and do all the driving . Lucky me!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Busy little Bee and Birthdays

Life right now is busy busy.  I can't quite put my finger on exactly what I'm so busy doing.  When I look back at the end of the day, it feels like I've accomplished absolutely nothing. I can't seem to keep up with the cleaning, the laundry, or this blog. It is a total mystery, and one that needs solving quickly. Can someone please call Sherlock for me?  Thank you.
We are in the midst of celebrating another birthday week.  It's not quite as intense as our birthday week in November, but it's still fun!
September's birthday week consists of the following birthdays: Clint's brother, Nate (the 17th), #6 (the 18th), my mom (the 19th), my dad, and my brother, Will -who just happens to share the same birthday (the 24th) with my dad.  
That equals 5 birthdays in 7 days. 
That's a lot of birthdays, a lot of cards, a lot of presents, and a lot of cake, but it's also a lot of fun!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

#6 turns 7!

I get a giggle every time I  look at the pictures from my phone.  There are always a million, bazillion selfies on there of this little one. 

 #6, for weeks, has been counting down the days until her birthday.  To say she's excited is an understatement.  Last night we went to the store so she could pick out a birthday treat to share with her class - Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies.  

 She has requested a chocolate Shopkin's birthday cake
and Mock Olive Garden Salad with grilled chicken for her birthday dinner. 

Happy, happy birthday my little Selfie Lover!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yes, I love Technology

Have you ever stopped to think about how GREAT technology is and how blessed we are to have it? 

One of the reasons I love technology is that it allows us to keep in touch with family.  #5 spends a lot of her "screen time" video chatting with her grandparents and cousins. . . such a great way to keep family relationships strong. It's almost like you're in the same room together. 

My little brother recently moved to North Carolina, and we were able to  take a tour of his new house 2000 miles away without ever having to leave home.

We can also talk face-to-face with my parents who are serving a mission.  #5 loves to chat with her grandpa.  Grandpa is so sweet to take the time to watch her fashion shows, her dances, and whatever else she has to show him that day. 

To borrow lyrics from one of my favorite movies:
Yes, I love technology,
But not as much as you, you see. . . 
But I still love technology,
Always and forever!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Happenings

In no particular order. . . .
 Clint's little cousin Samantha got married Saturday in the Mesa, AZ temple!  I was so very sad I could not be there.  She looks beautiful!
 Today (technically not part of the weekend, but . . . .), I began another Bikini Body Mommy challenge.  This will be my 3rd.  My goals this time around are:
1.  Gain more muscle

2. Lose more body fat. 
I'm not sure exactly where I am, but I think I want to lose about 3-5% more.  In order to accomplish this I'm going to have to really work on goals 3 and 4.

3. Eat more veggies, less fruit, and increase my healthy fats.

4. Move more!  Sometimes I think I eat out of boredom.  I think I'm hungry, but really I'm just looking for something to do.  To combat this, I'm going to try going for a walk whenever I think I this might be the case. 
 Yesterday, Sunday, we had a good two hour visit with Gram.  She seems to be doing much better acclimating to her new life in a retirement center. We went for a walk around the grounds, visiting the duck pond, and floating leaf boats down the stream along our way.
Friday afternoon this was mysteriously dropped off at our door.
It was a invite for #2 to Homecoming.  The dance is a week from Saturday. EEK! We're going shopping today.  Wish us luck!