Monday, August 24, 2015


Over the weekend my Hunka Hunka Burning Love, competed in a little mini triathlon.
 He had to swim the pool 8 times
 Bike 5 miles
 and then run 1.7 miles. 
  It was a last minute thing his experienced triathlon father and brother invited him and his other two brothers to do with them.
Since it was a mini (I think the technical term is Novice) and not a full-on iron-man he took them up on the challenge.
Even with no experience and no training, he still came in second, just a minute behind his brother who has competed in several.  (Boom baby!  Who's the Man?!)
I've heard it helps when you have a really cute support team cheering you on.
P.S. - Do you say "athlete" with 2 syllables or 3?
(I say it with 2)

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Deborah Arnold said...

I say it with 2...and was PUMPED to hear about how awesome he did!! However, a little disappointed he didn't bust out his old germantown track shorts for his cute crowd ;)